Student accomplisments

Students in my studio have been accepted into college and university music schools, perform in local community ensembles, have placed in ILMEA district and All-State honor band and orchestra, have received top ratings at solo and ensemble contests, have won best of day at their school's solo and ensemble contests, hold first chair spots in their ensembles, and play in the top ensembles at their school or typically place in the top ensemble within a year of taking lessons.

What Students are Saying

"Stefanie Abderhalden has been the most amazing flute teacher I could ask for. Not only does she show an immense amount of passion for the flute, she keeps her students motivated and working hard. She picks music that is fun and enjoyable to practice! I started out as a student who had trouble with rhythms and tone. After just a few months with working for Stefanie I improved so much! Now a year later she has inspired me to continue playing flute throughout college and has made me passionate about music."
- Caitlin K.

 "I have taken lessons from Stefanie for about a year and a half. Stefanie helped me with my solo and ensemble contest my freshman year. The score I got that year was all thanks to her. She showed me some useful techniques to help me. She also helped me make IMEA for the second time last year as a sophomore. I couldn't have done it without her. She has taught me new techniques to improve my playing like double tonguing, vibrato, and how to get a richer tone or sound on any range of note whether high or low. Having Stefanie as my flute teacher has really made me a better flute player and I'm grateful for her help."
  - Alix C.

 "Mrs. Stefanie Abderhalden was one of the greatest music teachers I have had in my eleven year music career studying the flute. She is a very skilled and talented performer, teacher, and mentor. I would highly recommend Mrs. Abderhalden to any student of any age wishing to further their knowledge in music and playing the flute. Her lessons were very well structured and goal oriented, which pushes her students to continue making improvements each lesson. What I have learned from her has brought me to great places in my music career and I have no doubt that she will have that same effect on any student she teaches."
- Sara R.

 "Mrs. Stefanie Abderhalden was the first teacher I took private lessons with, and it was an awesome experience. I was a little behind my peers at the university, and she helped push me to catch back up. She is a motivational teacher who is passionate about what she does, and helps you to love and enjoy playing the flute, too. She is a fun, charismatic, and extremely talented musician. I don't know where I would be in my music career without her to teach me and continue to inspire me. She has had such a huge impact on me as a person and a musician, and I would recommend anyone, starting musicians, or individuals who just want to learn more, to work with Mrs. Abderhalden. You would certainly not regret it."
- Tamara G.

What Parents are Saying

 "Stefanie has given my daughter not only great flute lessons, but also confidence in her ability to play harder material than she thought possible. We are lucky to have been introduced to Stefanie. She has a great personality and it shows through my daughter."
- Kim C.